The Aggregator: Publishing, Marketing, and Images

To kick off this first edition of Aggregator, an “about us” type description of what will be here: Everything for me points to content, so I’ll break it down to the three fields in which I’ve spent the most time, Publishing (usually digital), Marketing (usually content marketing focused), and images (the 1,000 words phrase comes … Continue reading

NYMag Nails The Progress of Digital Publishing

NYMag‘s Daily Intel published today one of the many stories about the $1B purchase of Instagram by Internet giant Facebook. This story gets it right in so many ways. What was a website is now a product, what was a webmaster is now a product manager, and, then the main point of this all — the content: … Continue reading

A Tale of Two Stories

One of the first things a journalist hears from their editor, at varying levels of decibel, is “don’t bury the lede!” Two of the true “old school” publishers surfaced with a classic example of that old maxim when the New York Times published a fascinating story about the role statistics play in the retail world. The NYT … Continue reading

Targeting News With Less of the Bubble Effect

Nieman Journalism Lab’s story, How NPR drove traffic to a local station by geotargeting stories on Facebook is interesting story on so many levels, but I particularly like the “content coffee shop test.” I’ve often written about Eli Pariser’s Filter Bubble and the concerns of how readers get their news now. This article shows a way in which … Continue reading

Moving On, Not Looking Back In Publishing

If only there was as much interest in reading newspapers as there is in their struggle for life (and relevance.) Granted, much of the discussion and debate is amongst journalist and former journalists, but these last few days have ramped it up the conversation. My favorites (so far:) Newspapers journalists’ new favorite independent blogger, Jim Romenesko looks back … Continue reading