The Aggregator: Publishing, Marketing, and Images

To kick off this first edition of Aggregator, an “about us” type description of what will be here:

Everything for me points to content, so I’ll break it down to the three fields in which I’ve spent the most time, Publishing (usually digital), Marketing (usually content marketing focused), and images (the 1,000 words phrase comes to mind.)

I’ll also be adding a footnote to each post; an Aggregator of the Day that will feature one of the many aggregators that I like to read.

John Lampinen Daily HeraldPublishing | TimeOut Chicago‘s Robert Feder feature’s the Daily Herald‘s editor John Lampinen for something he did not do: Sensationalize the suspected shooter of the Colorado theatre tragedy. He says it best when he explains it to his readers in his “Talk With The Editor” post online:

“This is our commitment to you and to our community: We will exercise all our care to avoid making a celebrity of the suspect. We will exercise all our care to avoid feeding into the delusions of anyone like him.”

This is a turbulent time for newspapers. The Chicago Tribune‘s editorial staff sent a letter to their editor complaining of the company’s use of Journatic, a company that outsources work that was once done by local reporters for TribLocal, the Tribune’s suburban news operation. This, as they come out of three years under bankruptcy and wait to see if/how Tribune Corp will be split up.

The New York Times’ David Carr has a piece today about News Corporation‘s phone hacking investigation and how it’s being covered by other news outlets.

Lampinen is a class-act, stand-up individual, and what more newspapers needs today; an editor who works for his readers.

CMI.comMarketing |

Since leaving the newspaper industry, I’ve spent a lot of time in the last few years learning more about content marketing, and how companies can reach out to their audiences by telling their own story.

Finding that story is becoming more important than every as the publishing landscape changes so much. The Content Marketing Institute is more of a publisher, than an institute, but I find it a great resource for ideas and education. Today they have a nice step-by-step piece on how to find that story by digging into resources that are available to almost everyone.

Images |

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