As Retailers Become Publishers, Can Publishers Retail?

I’ve written, tweeted, and posted on G+ many times about how the business world, particularly retailers, are becoming their own publishers. Now it appears some publishers are taking a shot at the retail world, and not by selling ads or their subs, but real retail sales.

Mashable does a nice job covering the publishing industry, both digital and traditional, and in it’s story, “Magazines Get Serious About Ecommerce” it explores how a few magazines are dipping their toes into the true retail world.

Time Out New York began selling event tickets on their website and mobile app, and now Hearst-owned Real Simple Magazine has a mobile gift guide in which you can purchase reviewed items directly from their site,  and Elle Magazine is selling on their shoppable trend guide on Facebook.

For journalists, the interesting angle may be that retailers continue to hire magazine talent to drive this retailer-as-publisher trend, and, that publishers are having to balance that “Editorial Divide” even more carefully.


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