Moving On, Not Looking Back In Publishing

If only there was as much interest in reading newspapers as there is in their struggle for life (and relevance.) Granted, much of the discussion and debate is amongst journalist and former journalists, but these last few days have ramped it up the conversation. My favorites (so far:)

Newspapers journalists’ new favorite independent blogger, Jim Romenesko looks back on “The Original Sin”

How Newspapers Blew It In The Mid-90’s

Online media site GigaOm continues the conversation

Debunking The Original Sin Of Online Newspapers

and finally, from one of my favorites – Reflections of a Newsosaur:

Publishers are flubbing the iPad

At the end of the day the discussion needs to progress to how to evolve – the horse and buggy is gone, time to move on.

And, moving on, it’s exciting to see a group that is embracing change, and teaching journalists how to thrive in the new publishing world.  Knight-Mozilla News Technology Partnership is, as they say, “about producing next-generation web solutions that solve real problems in news. It’s about supporting communities of developers and journalists as they make, learn and invent together. And it’s about deploying fellows—and code—into news organizations to collaborate and innovate in new ways.

This is the kind of thinking journalism needs today – looking forward.


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